Thursday, 12 December 2013


So I recently decided to upgrade my digital drawing kit.
After the great pc disaster of 2010, my good friend Neil Howson (check out his double awesome paintings at lent me a laptop as a temporary measure. Well, after 3 years I finally got a more permanent solution, the Surface Pro 2.
It has served me well for the 2 weeks or so I have had it, although I have only had a few chances to use it. It has been a bit glitchy turning on after a software update this week, but as it is still under warranty the situation will be monitored.
Having managed a couple of hours drawing on it in Manga Studio 5 (still to be fully explored but absolutely brilliant so far!) using a Wacom Bamboo Feel (it comes with a stylus/pen, which is fine, but I really wanted the superior pressure sensitivity), I am part-way through the Christmas freebie model for DARKMOOK PAPER MINIATURES and am rather pleased with the result. (Click the image to enlarge)

Working directly on the screen has let me work a little looser than usual for the miniatures, allowing more line variation, but I am still able to colour and shade as I would in Photoshop. And as it is a vector image, scaling shouldn't be a problem...
Finished piece coming soon!

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